Die Faszination der Geburtssteine im Juni – Mondstein und Perle

The fascination of the birthstones in June - Mondstone and Pearl

Discover the meaning and effect of your birth stones

If you were born in June, accompany you two very special gemstones through life: the shimmering moonstone and the elegant pearl. Both stones are known for their unique and gentle qualities and offer a profound connection to the providers. In this article you will learn what the meaning and effect of these two gemstones are and how you can use them in your everyday life.

The importance of moonstone and pearl

The Moonstone has been a symbol of calm, wisdom and clarity for centuries. He is often associated with the female goddess, which gives him a special meaning in the promotion of intuition and emotional balance. This stone is particularly suitable for those who strive for internal growth and self -knowledge.

The pearl, a symbol of purity and innocence, is estimated for its calming properties and its ability to promote personal growth. It supports emotional clarity and helps to ward off stress and negative influences.

How do moonstone and pearl work?

1. Promotion of intuition and emotional healing: The moonstone strengthens intuition and helps to find emotional balance. The pearl promotes emotional clarity and helps to reduce stress.
2. Support of personal growth: Both stones help to strengthen your self -confidence and to support you on your life.

    How do you wear moonstone and pearl?

    Moonstone and pearl can be worn as jewelry, such as in rings, necklaces or bracelets. They can also be placed as loose stones in your home or at work to spread their positive energy. Enter it near your skin for the strongest effect.


    The birth stones of Junis, Mondstein and Perla are more than just beautiful jewelry. They are powerful companions that help you find your inner wisdom and to promote your emotional balance. Use your strength to make your life positively and achieve your goals with clarity and self -confidence.

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