Collection: Wisdom apothecary

Wisdom apothecary is a company for dietary supplements and biocosmetics founded by and for women.
Our mission is to promote the use of medicinal plants to promote the health of women in all their life cycles: menstruation, fertility, pregnancy, after birth, breastfeeding and menopause.
All of our products are made from organic plants that are grown in compliance with the natural processes in order to obtain all their healing properties.

We are a company with principles that help us combine, promote and inspire the urgently needed changes in our society:

Sustainable company: With everything we do, we adhere to fair and responsible practices: our products consist of organic fair trade systems and are made sustainable and with environmentally friendly packaging.

Sisterhood: We believe that the love and authorization of women can change the world. Thanks to our “Women's Empowerment Program”, we promote projects, cooperations and synergies between women.

RESPECT: We worship our body and mother earth, so we respect everything we do, us and the environment.