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asmi Ayurveda

Bio Ayurveda salt

Bio Ayurveda salt

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100% natural sea salt from Italy meets hand-picked bio-onyurveda herbs such as Tulsi, cumin, Bockshorn clover and thus becomes āsmi herbal salt.
It is not only intense in taste, but also supports digestion. So it is a great spice for a soup or a perfect gift for your foodie friends.
The salt mixture is carefully packed by value circle, our social-integrative partner in Gütersloh, in earth pots from German production.

Ingredients: sea salt, holy basil*, cumin*, rose flowers*, coriander*, Bockshorn clover*, ginger*

* Ingredients from organic cultivation

weight 120 grams
Values Handmade, organic, ethics
Made in Germany
Location of the brand Germany

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