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Exclusive jewelry set link/tank chain & bracelet

Exclusive jewelry set link/tank chain & bracelet

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  • Material:
    • 750 yellow gold
  • Strength: 1.7cm
  • Length of bracelet: 20.0cm
  • Length chain: 46.0cm
  • Total weight: 154.70g

And this year - the coolest look of the season - Chunky Chains.
It is the return of the chunky chain necklace of the 90s.
And this season it says: oversized & better than ever.

Looks from the 90s have returned piece by piece. From the belt pockets and fishing hats to stomach -free tops, everyone is obsessed from the 90s again. But there is a super-chic 90s piece that should not be ignored. The "Chunky Chain", which spice up knitwear and gives every casual weekend look that certain something has its moment.

Make IT 2022 with Chain Wrist and Ear Cuffs
The classic chunky chain experiences an update in the form of an additional key piece for 2022. While the original chain was obviously very popular in winter, we are now also seeing bracelets inspired by the chains. These bracelets give the Chain-Vibe a new coat of paint and are perfect for spice up simple everyday looks.

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