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Fertile goddess - extract of the female fruit

Fertile goddess - extract of the female fruit

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Organic plants to improve fertility by regulating the hormone system (Maca and Chasteberry) and the supply of essential nutrients (broccoli and spirulina).
100% biological ingredients: maca* (lepidium peruvianum chacon, root). Chastex-tagnus Castus L., fruit), broccoli* (Brassica oleracea var. Italica plenk, blossom bud), spirulina* (Spirulina Maxima, whole algae). Emulgator (glycerin), absolute alcohol*, water.
Size: 50 ml.
Application: 30 drops (1 ml) directly or dissolved in a glass of water, juice or warm infusion, 3 times a day. We recommend that you follow the treatment between 2-6 months. Ecological certification and packaging: - Ecological certification by the European Union. - Glass bottle with rubber dispenser. - FSC -certified packaging - packaging in Spanish and English.

Country of manufacture: Spain 

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