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Hana Kana

Facial water / toner from Immortelle and Amethysten

Facial water / toner from Immortelle and Amethysten

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Hydrolate are flowery lotions that are used during the beauty routine. They can also be used for well -being (drink in the morning). The immortelle hydrolate comes from the distillation of Helychrise Blossoms from southern France. This flower has many virtues in terms of beauty and well -being. Immortelle hydrosol is known for its properties: skin tonic (reduces redness, dark circles and swelling), calming, revitalizing, astringent. This hydrolate is recommended for sensitive skin, which, thanks to its anti -inflammatory and healing effects, regains its well -being. Immortelle is also an antioxidant and helps combat skin aging. Immortelle has circulatory properties with regard to well -being. Its effect enriched with amethysts enveloped face/body with wisdom. This stone promotes spiritual survey and meditation. It is a sign of openness and creativity and brings strength and shine into the face.

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