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Honey Decoration

Heart shape with diamonds

Heart shape with diamonds

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Romantic heart supporters from 14 karat gold, occupied with brilliant. A gift that comes from the heart!

  • Material: 585 yellow gold
  • 10 brilliant approx. 0.55ct (Si/W)
  • Dimensions: 1.4x1.6cm
  • Weight: 2.8g

The diamond symbolizes indomitable, beauty and strength. The diamond transfers these values ​​to his wearer, because he gives him character strength, willpower and self -confidence. But the diamond also conveys the urge for intellectual freedom. It is a symbol of purity and thus ensures clear thoughts and, above all, loyalty to ourselves. In addition, the diamond also strengthens properties such as insight and learning ability. The striving of the diamond after purity also affects the surroundings. Through him, his wearer becomes responsible for himself and others. The diamond is also said to have a harmonizing and soothing effect of jealousy in relationships, whereby the value of a diamond is probably just as much contributing to this.

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