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Hana Kana

Cleaning Smudge for mondritual

Cleaning Smudge for mondritual

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The smoked smudge of Lunar Rituals consists of white cedar, rosemary, rose and stance. This is a sacred mix. Combined with thyme, which cleans in depth, harmful microparticles binds, the SMUDGE increases the energy power of your ritual.

White cedar has a similar effect to holy sage, it is powerful, protective and sells negative energies.

Perfect for manifesting - like to use it with your new moon or full mont rituals. The smudge also helps you to connect with your female or male energy again.
The plants used in this smudge are wild and are harvested by hand.
It is bound by hand and, in contrast to the smudges available on the market, no synthetic components or combustion substances are added.

A true "medicinal plant bouquet" for their well -being.

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