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Self-loving ritual set

Self-loving ritual set

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A ritual set, for a little break a day when you treat yourself to something and a nursing litual develops the body, mind & soul.

The lavender plays the main role in this ritual.

It calms down in a natural way and acts on the central nervous system.He helps to reduce anxiety and stress.

There is also a rose quartz, the stone of love.
Ideal for a perfect meditation atmosphere.


  • Cultural bag. 100 % handmade, sustainable and fairly produced. For "self -love to go"
  • Labitae Bio-Lavendel-Tonic (100ml).
    Relaxing facial toner. You can also use it as a fragrance for rooms or clothing to promote relaxation.
  • Labitae Bio-Lavender oil (12 ml).
    Harmonizes and calms the senses. Perfect, for a relaxing bath, or for adding your facial care or the diffuser.
  • Labitae organic almond oil (30ml).
    Gives moisture, regenerates the skin and neutralizes free radicals. Ideal for use with essential lavender oil in your facial care.
  • A six -pointed rose quartz (7 cm x 2.5 cm). Reinforced and generates energy. Calms and gives security.
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