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Honey Decoration

Great white-ledge-ripening with brilliant and sapphire

Great white-ledge-ripening with brilliant and sapphire

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A very elegant bangle made of 18 carat white gold occupied with an oval made of brilliant and a series of sapphires - beautiful!
  • Material: 750 white gold
  • 0.75ct brilliant (vs/i)
  • In the middle of 7 sapphires in the princess cut
  • Weight: 15.81g
  • Dimensions: 6.5 x 5.5 cm

Hildegard von Bingen already recognized the effect of the cornflower blue sapphire on his nerves and used it against obsession. Even then, their findings were very comprehensive, because the sapphire is still the strongest healing stone to strengthen the nerves today. The sapphire has the ability to calm the nerve and strengthen them. In the necessary situations, this gem also increases concentration and can alleviate fears. The sapphire gives inner calm and gives mental growth and mental clarity. 

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