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Honey Decoration

Fantastic hanging earrings made of gold filled with diamond roses

Fantastic hanging earrings made of gold filled with diamond roses

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Insanely beautiful & rare antique Art Nouveau earrings made of 14 karat gold, complete with diamond roses, in flower shape!

  • Material:
    • 585 gold
    • Diamond roses
  • Weight: 5.24g

Nature was considered the primary model and stylistic device for the era of Art Nouveau. The Art Nouveau artists derived their aesthetic form language from nature and created a new design in art with their strong formal references. It was always placed on the decoration of areas, use of valuable materials and elegant frames. 

Floral ornamental abstractions, decorative flowing lines and geometric shapes are characteristic of the jug style. In addition to animals and mythological figures, women's representations were about the popular main motifs of the style. These were often represented with a tender complexion, wall end and flower -decorated hair as well as with flowing, bright, colorful robes and embodied the ideal of harmony and beauty. 

Art Nouveau runs through all genres of art. He finds his expression in painting and sculpture, in furniture design and architecture, in the production of sculptures, as well as jewelry and glassware. 

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