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pH Fragrances

Wasproofing - Iris Musc de Liberty

Wasproofing - Iris Musc de Liberty

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High-end detergent with floral-mosque scent

With the unique Laundry Detergents, Ph Fragrance's luxury and sustainability brings to your home: Natural and biodegradable ingredients combine in the high-end detergents produced in France with extraordinary scents that refer to your laundry.

The formulas enriched with pure Marseilla soap from vegetable oils maintain all textiles and ensure fresh, radiant cleanliness at temperatures of 30–95 ° C. They are ideal for the washing machine and hand washing. Iris & Musc de Liberty is based on a dazzling jasmine chord that captivates everyone with his captivating flavors.
The lively freshness of the iris merges with the gentle notes of freesien and violet leaves, while the sweet base of musk and Tonka seduces all the senses.


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