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People have always used jewelry to identify themselves and express their individuality. It is the opposite of short -lived fashion, it is more than just metal and stone. Each piece of vintage and antique jewelry carries the essence of love, passion, grief, identity, loyalty, despite and the life stories of those whose names are often only found in the annals of history. They are not only jewelry, but also precious witnesses of human feelings, they are created to survive the time.

Our enthusiasm for these pieces knows no limits. We appreciate the breathtaking as well as the beautiful, the soulful, the unique and the unexpected. It fulfills us with pleasure to carefully put together our collection, to immerse yourself in history and to entrust these treasures to their new owners.

With great care and attention to detail, we build an extraordinary collection of sustainable jewelry that is interwoven with the stories of past times. This forms the foundation of our company and reflects our philosophy.

Verena honey, management

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  • So we work

    We sell jewelry & watches that we check and rework them professionally by a specialist, in order to then lovingly record them in our online shop and shop and to give them a temporary home. Ideally, we will find new owners for you who maintain and maintain and give them a second (or third) life. Because we believe that you should respect and respect beautiful things because they bring you a lot of joy.