Our intention

"I think it's a shame for a long time that jewelry that is no longer worn because the personal taste changes or something comes out of fashion in the drawer. Especially to work more sustainably- we concentrate on "upcycling". So we almost always have unique, high quality and masterly manufactured and sometimes revised and sometimes reworked. And without harming the environment that is looking for has long been devastated according to precious metals. "

Verena Oyen, management

Our favourites!

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    So we work

    We sell jewelry & watches that we check and rework them professionally by a specialist, in order to then lovingly record them in our online shop and shop and to give them a temporary home. Ideally, we will find new owners for you who maintain and maintain and give them a second (or third) life. Because we believe that you should respect and respect beautiful things because they bring you a lot of joy.

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    our promise

    When choosing the products & manufactures with which we work, it is particularly important to us that you produce small editions-fair, sustainable & "clean" and pay attention to organic quality where possible. For example, you will not find fragrance candle or perfume where harmful ingredients were used that cause headaches. We really always try to find the best products for you - like small truffle pigs!

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    Your advantages

    You don't have to make yourself a head! Regardless of whether you are looking for a unusual piece of jewelry, or a delicious coffee or a notebook as a small gift for your best friend. When it comes to nice & enjoyment, you will find something here. And the best - nothing that you can buy from us is unethical, unhealthy or unfair. In any case, you support small businesses and do something good for yourself and the environment!