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Attado de Palo Santo

Attado de Palo Santo

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Palo Santo, which translates "holy wood", comes from the woods of South America, especially from Peru, Ecuador and other regions. This aromatic wood has been used by indigenous peoples for spiritual purposes and energetic cleaning for centuries. It is closely associated with ritual ceremonies and the creation of a holy atmosphere.

The effect of Palo Santo is diverse. It is believed that burning the wood sells negative energies and promotes positive vibrations. The sweet, woody fragrance creates a calming atmosphere that promotes meditation, relaxation and concentration. Many people also use Palo Santo to support stress, relaxation and increase in general well -being.

The use of Palo Santo is simple. You ignite an end of the piece of wood and let it burn for a short time before you blunt the flame. The resulting smoke is then smelled over objects, rooms or over itself to achieve the desired cleaning or soothing effects.

It is recommended to use Palo Santo with respect and carefully to respect the spiritual tradition and natural resources. Even if the popularity of Palo Santo has increased, it is important to support sustainable sources to ensure the preservation of this valuable resource.

Approximately size of the parts: 10 x 2.5 cm
Approximate weight: 70 - 80 g
Origin: Peru 


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