Amazonit - Honey Decoration


Amazonit, also known as Amazonstein or Amazonajade, is a beautiful green gem calming properties. In the German language, it is often referred to as "Amazonstein". The stone got its name from the Amazon area, where it was originally discovered.

Amazonit is often associated with positive properties that are on the Emotional well -being and healing can have an impact. Here are some of the important and healing advantages of Amazonite:

  1. Calming and reducing stress: Amazonit is seen as a stone of calm and peace. It is intended to help reduce stress, concerns and negative energies by having a calming and balancing effect on the mind.

  2. Communication and expression: Amazon is accepted to promote communication and to improve the ability to express thoughts and feelings. He can help facilitate communication with others and solve conflicts.

  3. Creativity and inspiration: The Amazon is often referred to as stone of creativity. He can increase inspiration and help to develop new ideas and promote artistic skills.

  4. Harmony and balance: Amazon is considered the stone of equilibrium. He can help to solve internal conflicts, to restore the balance between mind, body and soul and to promote harmony in relationships.

  5. Protection and positive energy: Amazon is sometimes regarded as a protective stone that can ward off negative energies. It should attract positive energy and clean the energy field.

It is important to note that the healing properties of gemstones are not scientifically proven and can be perceived individually differently. The use of Amazonite or other gemstones as support for well -being should be seen as a supplementary measure and not as a replacement for medical or psychological treatments.

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