Aquamarin - Honey Decoration


Aquamarine, a beautiful gem, is not only known for its beauty, but also for its healing properties and meaning. Aquamarin is often as "Stone of the sea" Described and is closely connected to the element of water.

The aquamarine is in the esoteric and spiritual world for his calming effect on mind and body estimated. He should Promote harmony and inner calm, reduce stress and fear and increase emotional well -being. One believes that the aquamarine Dissolve negative energies and strengthen self -confidence can.

In addition, the aquamarine is also said to have a cleaning effect on the body. He should Support the function of the thyroid glandstrengthen the immune system and bring relief in the event of respiratory problems. Many people also use the aquamarine for Support in allergies and skin diseases.

In gemstone medicine, the aquamarine is often used to To improve communication skills and the To promote creativity. He should help think more clearly that To strengthen intuition and the To increase expression ability.

Please note that this information is based on esoteric traditions and experiences and are not scientifically proven. If you have health problems, please see a qualified specialist.

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