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Mountain crystal

"The mountain crystal, also known as the 'rock crystal', is a remarkable gem with a variety of meanings and healing advantages. In the metaphysical world, the mountain crystal is often as'Master healer'denoted and is known for this to strengthen and clarify positive energy.

The mountain crystal is traditionally as Symbol of clarity, purity and harmony viewed. It is assumed that he clarifies thinking and promotes intellectual clarity. This gemstone can help to ward off negative energy and to reinforce positive vibrations, both in the area as well as in your own mind and body.

In addition, the mountain crystal is associated with a variety of healing properties. He should do that strengthen your immune system and the Activate the body's self -healing powers. It is also assumed that he is at the Relief of headaches and migraines helps as well as stress and fear reduced.

The mountain crystal is often used in alternative medicine and spiritual practice. It can be worn as a piece of jewelry, placed in living rooms or used in meditation and energy work. Regardless of whether you believe in the metaphysical properties or not, the mountain crystal remains a fascinating gem that has been revered for centuries and represents a wonderful addition to any jewelry box or a tilting. "

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