Mondstein - Honey Decoration


"The moonstone, also known as the 'stone of the moon', is a wonderful gem with deep symbolic meaning and healing advantages. The moonstone has been revered for centuries and with the moon and female energies connected.

The moonstone is assumed that it emotional balance and inner harmony promotes. It is often seen as a stone of peace that causes feelings of calm and serenity. The moonstone should help To reduce stress and fear, by emotional tensions solve and one calming influence on the mind has.

In addition, the moonstone becomes a stone of the intuition and the Empathy viewed. It is often used by people who their develop spiritual skills and your Connection to inner wisdom want to strengthen. The moonstone is supposed to help To promote intuition, the To stimulate creativity And establish a deeper connection to the spiritual world.

In physical healing, the moonstone is often used to to compensate for female cycle and Symptoms of the premenstrual syndrome to relieve. It is also considered a stone of fertility and can be Conception and pregnancy support. In addition, the moonstone is associated with the strengthening of the digestive system and the relief of digestive complaints.

Please note that the healing properties of gemstones have not been scientifically proven and that the use of moonstone or other gemstones is not a substitute for medical treatments. It is recommended to see a qualified doctor or therapist for health problems. "

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