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The green magic: the properties and healing effect of the gemstone Peridot

Gemstones have always exercised a fascinating attraction for humanity. One of these remarkable gemstones is the peridot, also known as olivine. His lively green color and its alleged healing properties make it a popular piece of jewelry and esoteric healing stone. In this article we take a closer look at the properties and the possible healing effect of the peridot.

Properties of the peridot:

The peridot is a silicate mineral that belongs to the olivine mineral group. Its color palette ranges from a delicate, light green to an intense, deep green. The intensity of the color often depends on the amount of iron in the crystal. The main source of Peridote is now the volcanic activity. It is found in countries such as Egypt, Myanmar, Pakistan, China and the USA.

In addition to its optical beauty, the Peridot is attributed to a number of metaphysical properties that make it a coveted gem.

Healing effect of the peridot:

  1. Energetic cleaning: The peridot is said to have a strong energetic cleaning capacity. It is believed that he can remove negative energies from the area and create space for positive vibrations.

  2. Heart opening and compassion: This gem is often associated with the heart chakra. It should help to open the heart, to promote compassion and to strengthen loving energies.

  3. Stress reduction and emotional balance: The peridot is intended to help reduce stress and restore the emotional balance. It could have soothing properties that help alleviate fears and worries.

  4. Strengthening self -confidence: It is believed that the peridot can strengthen self -confidence and improve self -esteem. He could help overcome self -doubt and recognize the inner potential.

  5. Regeneration and renewal: In esoteric practice, the peridot is often associated with regeneration and renewal. He could support to overcome old behavior patterns and win fresh perspectives.

Science and faith:

While many people are convinced of the healing properties of the peridot, it should be noted that there is no scientific evidence. The effects of gemstones are often based on esoteric traditions, belief systems and personal experiences. It is important to have realistic expectations and not to consider gemstones as a substitute for medical or psychological treatments.


The peridot is undoubtedly a fascinating gem with a rich story and a variety of possible healing properties. Whether you wear it as a piece of jewelry or in esoteric practices, the peridot can help promote positive energy and support emotional well -being. Regardless of whether she believes in his metaphysical powers or not, there is no question that the peridot represents a visual splendor and has captivated generations of people.

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