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The sapphire - meaning and effect of a timeless gemstone

This fascinating gem is not only known for its breathtaking beauty, but also for its deep symbolic meaning and its impressive effect on the human psyche. Let's immerse yourself in the world of birth stone in September and we discover why it is so special.

The meaning of the sapphire

The sapphire has been a symbol of loyalty, truth and wisdom for centuries. In many cultures, it was considered a protective stone before mischief and as a bringer of inner peace. The deep blue color of the sapphire was often associated with the sky and interpreted as an expression of the divine quality.

The effect of the sapphire

In addition to its symbolic meaning, the sapphire is also attributed to a number of healing properties. It should contribute to promoting intellectual clarity and increasing concentration. A sapphire should also reduce stress and fears and give a feeling of inner calm and peace. It is a stone that supports spiritual growth and strengthens the connection to inner wisdom.

The variety of colors

Although the blue sapphire is the best known, this gem is occurring in an amazing range of colors, including yellow, pink, violet, orange and green. Each color represents different properties and qualities. For example, the blue sapphire stands for loyalty and truth, while pink sapphire symbolizes love and compassion.

The sapphire in jewelry

The sapphire is a popular choice for all kinds of jewelry. Rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets with sapphires are timeless classics that radiate elegance and sophistication. The sapphire is an excellent choice as a birthday present for Septemberborn or as a symbol of loyalty and love in a partnership.


The sapphire is not only an impressive gem, but also a symbol for important human values ​​such as loyalty, truth and wisdom. Its effect on the human psyche, from promoting inner calm to the increase in spiritual clarity, makes him a coveted companion in our hectic life. Whether as a piece of jewelry or as a talisman, the sapphire of September will always have a special place in our hearts.

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