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The Aquamarin: Mistory of Major and its influence on mind and body

Birth stones have been a fascinating part of different cultures worldwide for centuries. They are assigned every month of the year and should give those who were born in the respective month to give special forces and advantages. The birth stone of March is the aquamarine. This beautiful stone, which sparkles in the deepest blue tones of the sea, not only has an aesthetic attraction, but is also associated with a variety of meanings and effects. In this blog post, we will consider the importance of aquamarine as the birth stone of March and its supposed effects.

The importance of the aquamarine

Aquamarin, whose name comes from the Latin "Aqua Marina" and means "sea water", is known for its soothing colors, which range from pale blue to deep sea blue. The stone symbolizes purity, freshness, rest and serenity. In old legends, the Aquamarin was considered the treasure of the mermaid and seafarers were given as a protective amulet against the dangers on the high seas.

The effect of the aquamarine

Promotion of calm

One of the most commonly attributed effects of the Aquamarin is its ability to calm and relax the mind. It is said that this stone helps to reduce stress and create an atmosphere of calm. Many people wear aquamarine jewelry or keep a stone near them to benefit from its soothing energy.

Strengthening communication

Aquamarin is also attributed to a stronger effect on communication skills. The stone is intended to promote the clarity of expression and improve understanding between people. He is often recommended to people who work in professions in which clear communication is crucial, such as teachers, therapists or managers.

Healing properties

In addition to its mental and emotional advantages, a number of healing properties is also attributed to the aquamarine. It is believed that the stone can support the healing of complaints of the neck, such as sore thyroid or thyroid problems. In addition, it should strengthen the immune system and help with allergic reactions.


The birth stone of March, the Aquamarin, is more than just a beautiful gem. His calming blue tones and the effects attributed to it make him a special symbol for those born in March. Whether worn as jewelry or as part of a collection that Aquamarin serves as a memory of the calm and clarity that he should promote. While scientific evidence is limited to the healing forces of gemstones, the attraction of the aquamarine remains as a symbol of protection, healing and communication.

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