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Gemstones: meaning and their healing effect

Gemstones have been valued for their beauty and its supposed healing properties for centuries. In many cultures, they are seen as the source of energy and well -being. Each gem has its own unique meaning and can have various positive influences on body and mind. In this article we will take a closer look at some of the most popular gemstones and their importance as well as their healing effects.


Amethyst: The amethyst is a violet stone that is associated with calm and clarity. He is supposed to drive out stress and negative thoughts and help to find inner harmony. The amethyst is often used to promote relaxation and relaxing sleep.

Rose quartz: The rose quartz is a delicate pink stone that is associated with love and emotional healing. It should open the heart, strengthen self -love and harmonize relationships. The rose quartz is often referred to as the stone of love and compassion.

Turquoise: The turquoise is a blue or green stone that is associated with protection and positive energy. He is intended to help ward off negative influences and increase well -being. Turquoise is often considered a lucky stone.

Citrin: The Citrin is a yellow stone associated with creativity and prosperity. It is intended to promote positive energy, strengthen self -confidence and attract financial growth. The citrine is often referred to as the "stone of success".

Berg crystal: The mountain crystal is a clear, colorless stone that stands for clarity and purity. It is intended to dissolve negative energies, calm the mind and improve concentration. The mountain crystal is often used for meditation and strengthening the spiritual connection.

    It is important to note that the healing properties of gemstones are not scientifically proven and should be regarded as an alternative treatment method. Nevertheless, many people have had positive experiences with the use of gemstones and appreciate their symbolic value.

    If you want to use gemstones to support your well -being, it is advisable to select a gem that intuitively appeals to you. Clean the stone regularly to remove negative energies and load it in the sun or in the moonlight.

    Gemstones can be used in different ways, e.g. as jewelry, in the form of gem water or as decorative objects. It is important that you connect to your gemstone and use it with positive intentions and attention.

    Overall, gemstones offer a fascinating way to enjoy the beauty of nature and explore their supposed healing properties. Although the effect is subjective, the use of gemstones can play a supportive role in promoting well -being and balance.

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