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Birthstones - which is your personal protective stone

Gemstones have always had a special fascination on people. They are often used as jewelry and carry individual symbolism in the form of birth stones. Every month of the year is assigned to a certain gem that is considered a birth stone for those who were born this month. These stones have a long story and have a variety of meanings and origins.

January: granat The grenade, the birth stone for January, is known for its deep red color. It symbolizes passion, dedication and perseverance. The name "Granat" is derived from "Granum", which indicates the granular structure of the stone. Grenates were worshiped as protective stones in different cultures and are intended to bring positive energy and strength.

February: amethyst The amethyst, the birth stone for February, is a violet gem that is valued for its shine and beauty. It symbolizes clarity, calm and spiritual growth. In antiquity, the amethyst was associated with a sober way of thinking and inner strength. It is also considered a protective stone against negative energies.

March: Aquamarine The Aquamarin, the birth stone for March, is a refreshingly blue gem that is reminiscent of the clear water of the sea. It symbolizes hope, clarity and youth. Aquamarines were viewed as lucky stones and should give the wearer inner calm and balance.

April: diamond The diamond, the birth stone for April, is one of the most sought -after gemstones and stands for eternity, purity and love. Diamonds are considered the hardest of all gemstones and were worshiped in many cultures as a symbol of strength and imperishable.

May: emerald The emerald, the birth stone for May, is a bright green gem that embodies beauty and renewal. It symbolizes growth, harmony and love. Smaragde were viewed as healing stones by many old civilizations and are intended to bring happiness and prosperity to the sponsor.

June: pearl Or Alexandrit The pearl and Alexandrit are both considered birth stones for June. The pearl symbolizes purity, wisdom and beauty. It is unique because it is the result of a living organism. The Alexandrite, on the other hand, is a rare gem that changes its color depending on the light. It symbolizes happiness, creativity and intuition.

July: ruby The ruby, the birth stone for July, is an intense red gem that stands for passion, strength and prosperity. Rubins were viewed as protective stones in many cultures and are intended to give the carrier positive energies and courage.

August: Peridot The Peridot, the birth stone for August, is a bright green gem that is associated with sunlight and nature. It symbolizes happiness, protection and healing. Peridots should bring joy and positive thinking to the wearer.

September: sapphire The sapphire, the birth stone for September, is a deep blue gem that stands for wisdom, loyalty and peace. Sapphires were regarded as protective stones and should bring clarity and spiritual knowledge to the wearer.

October: opal or Turmaline The opal and the Tourmaline are both considered birth stones for October. The opal symbolizes creativity, inspiration and passion. He is known for his dazzling colors. The Tourmaline, on the other hand, is available in many colors and symbolizes protection, balance and healing.

November: topaz or Citrine The Topas and the Citrin are both regarded as birth stones for November. The topas symbolizes love, prosperity and friendship. It is available in different colors, with the yellow topas most common. The Citrin is a yellow gem that stands for joy, vitality and positive energy.

December: Turquoise or Zircon The turquoise and zircon are both considered birth stones for December. The turquoise symbolizes happiness, protection and health. He was considered a healing stone by many old cultures. The zircon, on the other hand, can occur in different colors and symbolizes peace, prosperity and positive energy.

The meaning and symbolism of birthstones vary depending on culture and faith. However, they have been for a long time A popular gift for birthdays and other special occasions. Birthstones have a personal connection to their own birth time and can give a unique meaning and beauty. No matter what birth stone you wear, they all remind us of how wonderful and diverse nature is.

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