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Care instructions for vintage jewelry: This is how your jewelry remains bright!

We love to find valuable pieces that not only preserve history and beauty, but also contribute to resource conservation. Today we would like to give you valuable tips for maintaining your vintage jewelry so that it will remain bright for many years.

1. Gentle cleaning for vintage treasures

If you want to clean your vintage treasures, caution is advised. Do not use aggressive cleaning agents because they could affect the sensitive character of the jewelry. Instead, we recommend wet a soft, lint -free cloth with lukewarm water and gently wipe over the jewelry. A natural soap (hand soap natural cosmetics) can also be used.
You can carefully loosen stubborn dirt with a soft toothbrush. With us in the shop you will also find one Professional cleaning setthat you can use great for cleaning a treasures.

2. Avoid moisture and chemicals

Vintage jewelry often consists of sensitive materials that can react sensitively to moisture and chemicals. Do not wear your jewelry when washing your hands if you use aggressive soaps or disinfection congestion or when you swim. Perfume, hairspray and other cosmetics can also harm jewelry. Make sure you always take your vintage jewelry as the last step after using your care products.

3. Storage with love

To protect your vintage jewelry from scratches and damage, keep it carefully. Ideally, you should keep it in a soft fabric bag or in a jewelry box with padded compartments. Also keep your jewelry away from direct sunlight, as this could discolor the material.

4. Regular inspection and maintenance

Jewelry can easily lose its shine over time or develop small defects. For this reason, it is advisable to inspect your jewelry regularly. Pay attention to loose stones, damaged closures or loose elements. If you notice such problems, take your jewelry to an experienced jeweler near you to have it repaired professionally. Of course you can also bring it to us or send us. We ensure that your favorite pieces shine in full shine again.

5. Timeless elegance in all situations

Vintage jewelry is timeless and versatile. Wear it on special occasions to give your outfit a touch of elegance. But even in everyday life, a vintage piece can give your look a unique note.

We hope that our care tips for vintage jewelry will help you get your treasures for a long time. If you are looking for extraordinary pieces, please visit us in our shop in Obertshausen. There we share our love for vintage jewelry and watches with like-minded enthusiasts like you. Let us preserve history together and enjoy the beauty of past times!

Now we wish you a lot of fun wearing and maintaining your vintage jewelry. Get its radiance and uniqueness - for many more years full of memories and beauty!

See you soon Verena from Honey Decoration

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