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Real vs. antique jewelry: how you can distinguish them

There is something magical when it comes to these timeless pieces that tell stories from past epochs. But in a world in which imitations are omnipresent, it can be difficult to distinguish real antique and vintage taste of mere copies. As experts in the field of the original antique and vintage taste, we would like to give you some valuable tips in this article on how to differentiate the real treasures of imitations.

Study the design: A first look at the piece of jewelry can often reveal a lot. Real antique jewelry often has a design that is typical of a certain era. Research the styles and designs that were fashionable at different times. Then compare the piece of jewelry with it. Also note whether there are irregularities in design that could indicate handmade work.

Check the materials: Antique jewelry was often made of high -quality materials. Real antique pieces are often made of gold, silver, platinum or other precious metals. If the piece of jewelry has started or discolored, this could indicate real metals. Also check the gemstones used. In real antique jewelry, real diamonds, sapphires, rubies and emeralds are often used. However, there are also exceptions: Working with synthetic spins at the turn of the century (synthetic spine is a man -made, artificial gem or jewelry stone)))

Pay attention to trademarks and punches: Many antique jewelry carries trademarks, punches or engravings that indicate the manufacturer or the authenticity of the jewelry. Research these markings to ensure that they correspond to the corresponding period. However, be careful because some imitations can also wear fake trademarks.

Examine the processing: Real antique jewelry often shows manual skills and a attention to detail. Note the subtleties of processing, such as the way stones are caught or how the metal was processed. Irregularities can indicate real manual work.

Get an expert opinion: If you are unsure whether a piece of jewelry is real, don't hesitate to see an expert. An experienced jeweler or antiquity collector can help you check the authenticity of the jewelry.

Buy from a trustworthy dealer: The safest way to buy real antique jewelry is the purchase from an established and trustworthy dealer. Research the dealer and read customer reviews to ensure that you acquire a high -quality piece.

We hope that these tips will help you to distinguish real antique jewelry from imitations and to enjoy the joy of collecting and carrying these wonderful pieces. Remember that antique jewelry is not only valuable heirlooms, but also a window in history and art of past times.

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