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Facial roller from Aventurin-Edelstein

Facial roller from Aventurin-Edelstein

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The advantages of the gem scooter for the face:

It consists of two sides, one for the contour of the eyes and the mouth and one for the rest of the face. The stone roller bricks the pores of the skin, stimulates the lymph circulation, detoxifies the body and makes it easier to penetrate active ingredients into the skin. In lithiotherapy, Aventurin is the stone of self -observation and prosperity, it relieves fears. Above all, it brings self -confidence and conveys a feeling of general well -being. At the level of the skin it is the anti-combustion and anti-acne stone. It tonizes, cleans and calms dermatitis and allergies. The Aventurin Roller fits you if you have skin problems such as acne or eczema, or want to refine your complexion in general ..

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