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Honey Decoration

Fantastic enamelled Art Nouveau ring with diamond roses.

Fantastic enamelled Art Nouveau ring with diamond roses.

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Almost no other accessories are required for this unique piece of jewelry.

The combination of a large amethyst in the middle, framed by diamond roses and two pearls and then the enameled elements curved in typical Art Nouveau shape as a frame ... unique!

  • Material: 18k gold/white gold,
  • Enamel, diamonds & amethyst
  • Size: 54
  • Weight: 9.4g
  • Ring dimensions: approx. 2.2x3.1cm

The amethyst has particularly cleaning skills on the mind. All superfluous thoughts and sensations are clarified by the amethyst. This strengthens the concentration and promotes the objectivity of thinking, which can also make decisions faster. Perceptions as well as experiences can be better coped with with the help of the amethyst, and learning difficulties, fear of exams, grief or grief. In addition, the amethyst soothes the mind and a long time ensures deep inner peace, since negative energies are dissolved. However, the violet color of the amethyst also inspires the imagination, because it solves blockages and inhibitions, which promotes the processing of conflicts through dreams, especially during sleep.

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