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Vives de la Cortada SCP

Lace made of polished smoke quartz

Lace made of polished smoke quartz

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Smoke quartz is a fascinating gem with a variety of meanings and effects. Its smoky color ranges from delicate gray to deep brown and gives it a unique beauty. This gem is often associated with grounding, stability and protection. It is believed that smoke quartz helps to ward off negative energies and attract positive energies. He is intended to help create clarity, to reduce fears and to promote inner balance.

In addition, smoke quartz is also seen as a stone of harmony, which can help to reduce stress and promote relaxation. Many believe that this gem can also improve concentration and strengthen intuition. On the spiritual level, smoke quartz is often used to deepen the connection to nature and create a calm, balanced atmosphere.

Whether worn as a piece of jewelry or used as a decorative stone, smoke quartz is not only fascinated by its beauty, but also through its suspected healing and balancing properties that have long responded.

Approximately size of the piece: 3 - 7 x 4 - 8 cm
Origin: Brazil
The pieces that are delivered are similar to those in the photos.


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