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Vives de la Cortada SCP

Large selenite monolith

Large selenite monolith

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Selenit, a fascinating gem, is appreciated for its spiritual meaning and its healing properties. With its delicate white color and the fascinating translucency, Selenit radiates a soothing energy that is often associated with purity, clarity and spiritual enlightenment.

The deep spiritual meaning of Selenit lies in its ability to activate the crown chakra and clarify the mind. It is believed that this gem brings a strong light into dark thoughts and emotions to promote peace and inner balance. Selenit is often used in meditations to calm the mind, to improve the concentration and to connect to higher levels of consciousness.

In addition, Selenit is also regarded as a stone of cleaning, which absorbs and transforms negative energies from its environment. Many people use Selenit to clean rooms energetically or unload and invite other crystals.

It is important to note that Selenit has a delicate structure and is sensitive to moisture. This gem therefore requires a certain caution in handling and care to preserve its beauty and energetic properties.

Overall, Selenit symbolizes purity, clarity and spiritual connection. Its calming presence and healing properties make it a popular tool for meditation, energy work and spiritual development.

Approximately size of the gem: 15 x 7 cm
Approximately weight of the piece: 600 gr
Origin: Marocco 


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